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Current Exhibitions

Burien 2009:

"The Passage," by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito.

The sculpture represents the many and varied aspects of the community Karen and Dan surround themselves with. The creativity, freedom of expression and support for artistic endeavors is not only a great driving force behind the piece, but the primary concept behind it.

"Nemata," by Morgan Hammer

The sculpture is a hollow-form, bronze fabrication. This classification defines the piece as being created from sheets of bronze, fashioned into curves, arcs, angles and planes; shapes that through their dynamism create an enclosed and hollow space.

"Fire-pod," by Buphalo Tomkiewicz: Where did Fire-Pod go ? With the Burien Fire departments decision to not allow future performances of the Fire Pod in its current configuration, Fire Pod has been loaned out to an Arts Festival in Nevada were 50,000 people will have the opportunity to see it over six nights of performances. Fire Pod is expected to be reinstalled in late September.

Fire Pod sculpture

"Fire-Pod" is a steel sculpture standing 11' high with a 20' diameter footprint. Six claw-like tendrils jut out of the ground to define a spherical negative space from which fire performers emerge. Tomkiewicz will install a moon shaped cut-out on the permimeter of "Fire-Pod" that will house plants and trees for the full year of the project.

For events, the "Fire-Pod" tendril hosts two propane cannons: One at the top facing upward and outward, and another at the bottom facing inward, for a total of 12 firing points controlled through a midi interface.

In 2007, "Fire-Pod" was featured at Bumbershoot in Seattle, and Coachella Music Festival in California.

"Tree Spire," by Iron Monkeys

Tree Spire sculpture

"Tree Spire" is one of the first collaborative pieces by the Iron Monkeys. It is a 15' tall tree with a circular bench around the base of the tree. There were four trees made, one is in Rainier Vista and another is in Reno, Nevada as a temporary art installation.

"Synapse Naust," by Charlie Smith, Jamie Ladet along with a group of West Coast Artists.

Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet have been collaborating and touring together since March 2004. They spent the spring and summer of 2004 on the road sharing four different fire caldrons at nine different events within the Burning Man regional network. This touring and sharing of the caldrons has stimulated an inspiring commonality and friendship between the regional networks across the country. We are Lucky to have on site Three caldrons from Los Angeles, San Fransico and Seatte.

"Learn and Survive" by Puget Sound Skills Center and the Plumbers and Pipefitters local 32 Welding Careers Program.

This Art Project is the combined work of Puget Sound Skills Center and the Plumbers and Pipefitters local 32 Welding Careers Program. This is where Puget Sound Skills Center students come to Local 32’s Weld shop to learn Welding Skills and Trade Related Confidence. With this Art Project we are building an Eagle Swooping down onto a Salmon. This piece is not yet named, but the students are working on naming it. The piece will be made primarily out of Steel and possible other materials. We plan on letting nature create the patina that we are looking for and the movement of the piece. We started with an initial design but the students have come up with several ideas of there own. All the students will be working on the piece, with the students doing most of the work.

Dale Copeland UA Local 32

Pictures of June 5th Install...

"Paradigm Shift," by Mike Magrath

I approach sculpture as a process of expressing, whether in concrete or ephemeral form, something otherwise intangible. I have spent the last decade or so focused primarily on the human subject not only because it offers a hugely accessible front door, but because I perceive something implicit in the body that remains inchoate, relevant, and continuously vibrant with potential. I tell students half jokingly that the human form is the composite total of what our forebears found irresistible. But there is a germ of truth here. For me the divine in the details. I do not pursue realism for its own sake, but consider clear and direct observation an intense and surprisingly rewarding discipline, a path towards something as yet unknown. For me study of the specific form and attitude of the model is a way of exploring and understanding the deeper structures of the universe.

For more Pictures of the June 12th 2009 install..

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"Rainbow Gardens," By Teresa Anderson's 3rd grade class at Cedarhurst Elementary School and Joan Johnson's 4th grade class from Gregoryheights Elementary School

Cedarhurst Elmentry School

Enrique Rojas, Tauja' Nae Russell, Anthony Travis,
Haley Cartenter, Brian Rivera-Tinoco, David De Vega,
Shalisa Wilson, Marissa Aga, Kylique Rainwater,
Sarah Ngaosivath, Caitlin Perkins, Kandace Peterson,
Emelick Perez, Neftali Oliva, Yareli Valdez-Haro,
Tseyon Nurilegn, Neil Kelley, Brian Lucio, Bianca Samuelu,
Kaelie Carter, Lucas Hourie, Kimberly Ramirez,
Daniel Vallalon-Tinoco, Allison Gonalez-Arizaga,
with installation help from Donald Anderson.

Gregoryheights Elementary School

Luke Tedrick, Mackenzie Furin, Drew Sagmoen, Ayden Wagner,
Michael Brodigan,
Ivy Chavarin,
Francisco Felix, Chelsi Haskin,
Brenden Tinkham,
Jasmine Tran, Jesse Keep,
Matthew Clairmont, Jenna Heinbuch, Benji Box, Autumn Chamberlain, Andrew Munoz,
Molly Vallade, Haris Cokic, Katllyn Daniels, Christian Batingan,
Samantha Cigarroa, Kaden Mathison-Rowlee, Jesse Keep


"A Study in Color," By Erin Carlton's Highline High School Arts Classes

A normal exercise of creating and understanding the color wheel has been livened up by Erin Carlton for her Highline High School Art classes. She gave them hub caps to paint on instead of the usual paper. There are 44 hub caps total mounted on 2x4s and suspended on the existing light pole standards.

"Community P-Patch" by Sustainable Burien

Sustainable Burien is an organization started in January of 2008. We recognize the need to promote and participate in the creation of a sustainable community in Burien. We invite all residents and businesses to participate in creating a sustainable local community by sharing their ideas, passions, knowledge and talents.

Sustainable Burien has set up some demonstration gardens in the Burien/ Interim Art Space north of the new City Hall. These gardens show some of the possibilities of what can be done with a community garden and/or in your own yard. After just a few weeks some items are already being harvested and donated to the local Food Bank. A number of people have expressed interest in joining in, even just with the demonstration gardens, think what could be done with a real Community Garden. Stop by and check them out, and show your support for getting some Community Gardens going in Burien. We've got some pictures in our new Photo Gallery.

We are very happy to have this demo P-Patch as part of the B/ IAS project.

"2008 Burien Arts Strawberry Festival Mural," by Sam "Sneke" Swanson And Iosefatu Sua.

The Mural was originaly created for the 2007 Strawberry Festival for Burien Arts. We would like to thank Burien Arts for restaging this great piece on the B/ IAS site.

Sneke was born and raised in the Burien area and is now a well-known artist.

Sua is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist based in West Seattle.