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Suddenly: A Walk and Dinner Discussion on the "in between spaces" with Tom Severts: July 2nd at the B/ IAS site.

Seattle and Burien, July 1-3, 2009

Burien's own stories fulfill and dramatically illustrate Thomas Sievert's and's basic thesis:  Our choices matter.  The landscape in which we live now is the result of countless choices. Much of it now is an in-between space, neither urban nor rural, but a mingling of both. calls together artists, historians, urban planners, government and citizens to engage in a public conversation about how we came to BE where we live now, and to create a future that is "a landscape where we can ALL live, eyes wide open, without tragedy or regret."  This story will show how a diverse "edge" community is self-organizing to achieve the tangible things that matter for the well-being of all.

In Seattle and Burien, three days of events, occasioned by Thomas Sieverts's visit to the area, will bring diverse communities into common conversation around art, writing, film, policy, and great food. The schedule of events is as follows:

Wednesday    July 1   

9 am - 10 am
   Radio interviews with Thomas Sieverts  (KUOW-FM).

12:00 pm - 2:00pm
   Thomas Sieverts in public talks with Seattle City Council and regional policy makers (at Seattle City Council chambers; free and open to the public).

7:30 pm     “Urban Aesthetics,” lecture by Thomas Sieverts (at Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave., Seattle, $5 suggested donation)

Thursday    July 2    In Burien at at the B/ IAS Site

morning    Thomas Sieverts tours Burien informally

2:00pm -3:00pm    Thomas Sieverts meets with Burien City Council, staff, and activists (at Burien City Hall, free and open to the public).

4:00pm - 6:00pm
   Burien through Community Eyes: Walk the City with Thomas Sieverts. (Gather at B/IAS 5th Ave SW & SW 150th St., Burien; free and open to the public).

6:00pm - 8:00pm
   Conversation and Nosh with Thomas Sieverts, Burien political and civic leaders and neighbors (at B/IAS, 5th Ave SW & SW 150th St., Burien; food by Mark & Sal’s Deli available for a small fee).

Friday July 3       

1 pm – 4pm    NW Film Forum presents “Police Beat” (written by Charles Mudede and directed by Robinson Devor), with after-film panel discussion with Thomas Sieverts, Matthew Stadler, and Charles Mudede (NWFF, 1515 12th Ave., Seattle, Tickets $7).

evening    Corridor Project closing dinner hosted by Michael Hebb, with Matthew Stadler and Thomas Sieverts in conversation, including a celebration of “suddenly: where we live now, the visual chronicle;” (location TBA, price TBA, see for details).
Ongoing:    A portable version of the exhibition, “suddenly: where we live now,” organized on the occasion of German urban planner Thomas Sievert's visit to Seattle, will be on view throughout the four days at a location to be determined. The exhibition includes work by: Elias Hansen & Oscar Tuazon, Molly Dilworth, Michael Hebb, Michael McManus, and Marc Joseph Berg. The exhibition opens July 3, 7 p.m., and coincides with a Corridor Project dinner. Exhibition and dinner location TBA. Please visit for dinner location and exhibition hours.